Welcome to Wilbur’s BBQ

This is home to the Wilbur’s Been Smokin’ Somethin’ competition cooking team. The team was formed in 2011 and began competing during the 2012 season.  We recently completed our second year of competitions and won reserve grand champion at 2 of the 4 events where we competed.  Please check out our blog and the calendar for the latest happenings with our team. The calendar will let you know where we will be cooking over the next couple of months. Our next event will be the Whole Hawg Happenin in Marietta Ga at the end of September.

If you ever attend one of the events where we are competing, please stop by and say hello. We are always eager to meet fellow BBQ fans. If you come by after we are finished with our turn in for the judges we will often have samples we can share with you.

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